Denervation Technologies

A device based solution to treat heart failure with associated pulmonary hypertension

Our Vision

The therapeutic approach developed by Gradient Denervation Technologies aims improving cardiovascular health.

Management team

CEO - Martin Grasse
CBO - Charlotte Cavé
CMO - Dr. Lukas Guenther
CTO - David Amaoua
VP Clinical - Julie Messer
CLINICIAN FOUNDER - Dr. S. Gnanashanmugam

Board of Directors

Director - Dr. Lukas Guenther

Director - Lisa Wipperman Heine

CEO/Director - Martin Grasse

Director - Juan Pablo Mas

Director - Mano Iyer

Observer - Dr. Swami Gnanashanmugam

Our grants

EIT Health Catapult

2020 winner - Medtech 3rd place
i-Lab 2020

2020 Laureat

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